RBAS Global Trading Pvt. Ltd. is a global trading company dealing with apparel and footwear products as well Beauty and herbal products.  It`s main activities are to source and export apparel and footwear products to the globe.

RBAS manages source of supply and the delivery of products. The main focus of our business is to provide apparel and footwear sourcing services to our esteemed clients and to allow them a most satisfying buying experience. We cater directly to apparel and footwear manufacturers and get the customized products manufactured by our partners and associates having manufacturing units.


RBAS was established with a mission of providing exceptional and personalized services to our clients. RBAS`s goal is to provide the right product at the right price and at the right time. Our experienced professional team is committed to meet our customers’ demands in a best manner.


We believe in Integrity, transparency and long term relationship and we are committed to develop close ties with our esteemed clients through personalized services and extended cooperation.


●   Sourcing of products from reliable manufacturers at competitive prices
●   Regular Supervision of products right from the production to the shipment stage
●   Regular production updates, Timely deliveries and Order follow up
●   Quality assurance & inspection of the Goods
●   Skilled professional teams and networks

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